Our Mission

We are on a quest to make healthy eating super easy and fun for everyone!


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Our Story

Our story started when our founder Mrs. Christollie Ade Suah returned home from school in 2017.

While she was studying abroad, she lost almost 50lbs naturally using healthy eating and exercise. But upon returning to living and working in Monrovia, she found it very difficult to maintain her healthy eating plan. Finding meals that were balanced, tasty and affordable at restaurants in monrovia was near impossible. The ones that did have healthy options sold them at a price that was too high to maintain long term. So she began prepping healthy lunchboxes for work. Several colleagues saw the meals and wanted to try them as part of their healthy eating plan and they were willing to pay for these meals.

That was the birth of the Lunchbox dream! The business was eventually registered in May 2019 and official meal delivery began in August 2019.

  • Make healthy eating easy and fun

    We know that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation, therefore we want to ensure that everyone eats a healthy meal daily. We do this by creating balanced and nutritious ready to cook and ready to eat meals using locally grown vegetables and spices.

  • Process and package spices and condiment

    Our goal is to make sure that the spices and condiments families use in their food are of the highest quality posible. We do this by processing and packaging local spices in organic and sustainable ways that elevates the taste profiles of home cooked meals.

  • Be the first local fast food chain

    We are driven by the desire to see every Liberian make better food choices. Therefore, we intend to have one Lunchbox kiosk in every major city in Liberia.

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